Learn to Swim

Our 6 Level Progression

Based on a logical, six-level progression that helps swimmers about 4+ years old and adults develop their water safety, survival and swimming skills. It is designed to give participants a positive learning experience.




4 years and under


The tadpole group lesson is for children that are being introduced to the swimming pool for the first few times. The main focus of this level is to find comfort in the swimming pool. In order for your swimmer to progress to the next level, these tasks must be completed.


  • Independently enters in water
  • Independently exits the water
  • Kicks feet on wall
  • Blows bubbles
  • Holds breath when face is underwater
  • Submerges underwater with assistance
  • Swims away from wall with assistance
  • Demonstrates comfort in pool setting
  • Understands Pool Safety rules




4 years and up


Group FROG is for the beginner swimmer that is familiar with the water. The swimmer will learn the fundamentals of swimming as well as pool safety. At the completion of level one, the swimmer will be able to achieve the following:


  • Front float with assistance
  • Back float with assistance
  • Paddles on front with assistance
  • Paddles on back with assistance
  • Kicks on front with assistance
  • Kicks on back with assistance
  • Holds breath underwater for 3 seconds
  • Submerges unassisted
  • 5 yards assisted streamline from wall on front
  • 5 yards assisted streamline from wall on back
  • Log rolls assisted
  • 10 independent BOBs




4 years and up


Group TURTLE is for the swimmer that has completed group FROG or can float unassisted and swim rudimentary freestyle. At the completion of level TURTLE, your swimmer will be able to complete the following:


  • Front float unassisted
  • Back float unassisted
  • Freestyle 5 yards assisted
  • Backstroke 5 yards assisted
  • Streamline kick on front unassisted 5 yards
  • Streamline kick on back unassisted 5 yards
  • Log rolls unassisted
  • Assisted rotary breathing
  • Assisted side kick





4 years and up


Group PENGUIN is for the swimmer that has completed group TURTLE. In Group PENGUIN, swimmers will learn to swim freestyle with rotary breathing, backstroke and will be introduced to dolphin and breaststroke kick.


  • 10-15 yards unassisted freestyle with rotary breathing
  • 10-15 yards backstroke unassisted
  • 10-15 yards streamline kick on front
  • 10-15 yards streamline kick on back
  • Dolphin kicks assisted
  • Jumps in and swims to wall unassisted
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick


Sea Otter


4 years and up


SEA OTTER is for the swimmer ready to advance their swimming skills. In the SEA OTTER group, your swimmer will enhance freestyle and backstroke and continue to learn butterfly and breaststroke. In order to advance to the pre-team group, the following must be completed:


  • 25 Yards freestyle
  • 25 yards backstroke
  • 25 yards streamline kick front
  • 25 yards streamline kick back
  • 10 yards unassisted streamline butterfly kick
  • Butterfly arms
  • 5 yards unassisted breaststroke kick
  • 5 yards butterfly
  • Introduction to breaststroke arms





4 years and up


The pre-team swim group will consist of up to 15 swimmers that have completed Sea Otter swim lessons and will meet for 45 minutes.. The pre-team group is for swimmers looking to strengthen their swimming skills, and learn the fundamentals of swim team. Swimmers entering the pre-team group must be able to complete the following:


  • 25 yards freestyle with rotary breathing
  • 25 yards backstroke
  • 5 yards butterfly
  • Breaststroke kick
  • If you have questions, concerns or any other inquiries please feel free to email Brad and we will be glad to help.




All activities are held at Beachwood High School,

25100 Fairmount Blvd, Beachwood, OH