Swim Lessons (Ages 4 and up)

Fall Lessons schedule is posted below.

Email Brad with swim lessons schedule questions

Review the Learn-to-Swim six level progression.

MANDATORY!!! You must pay for your session BEFORE your swimmer will be added to the session schedule!!

Please complete these forms to register for all lessons programing.

Please fill out this form to register for all swim lessons, each time.

View the Aquatics Class Policies for cancellations, make-ups and refunds.

Group and Private Lessons Information:

Email Brad for semi and private lessons scheduling.

Group Lessons: See pricing to the right. For levels 1-3, in each group there will be 3-5 participants. For levels 4-6, there will be 5-7 particpants in each group.

Semi-Private: Cost is $85/session for levels 1-3 and $100/session for levels 4-6. 6 30 minute classes scheduled with the instructor. You must register 2 students/adults per lesson - $85 each. Pay for your class here.

Private: Only 1 student/adult per lesson. Cost is $30/lesson, Pay for lessons by using these links:

Once yearly Pool Use Fee = $15
6 lessons x $30 = $180
12 lessons x $30 = $360


2014 - 2015 LESSONS SCHEDULE & Fees

Adult Lessons: Cost is $70/session, 30 minute session, once a week for 6 weeks. Based on demand. Email Brad

Group Lessons - Pay for your session here

Levels 1-4: Cost is $70/session, 30 minute class, once a week for 6 weeks.

Levels 5-6: Cost is $125/session, 45 minute class, once a week for 6 weeks. (This is in preparation for swim team)

Intro to Synchro: Cost is $85/session, 45 minute class, once a week. Synchro is scheduled based on demand. Email Brad for information

Intro to Diving: Cost is $85/session, 50 minute lessons, once a week for 6 weeks. Diving is scheduled based on demand. Email Brad

(Session 2 info will be posted soon. Session 2 will finish before the holiday break.)

Tuesday Sept 22nd - Oct 27th  (DEADLINE FRIDAY SEPT 14TH)
Level 2  6-630pm
Level 3  630pm-7pm
Level 5/6 715pm-8pm

Wednesday Sept 30th - Nov 4th (DEADLINE FRIDAY SEPT 21st)
Level 1  5pm-530pm and 6pm-630pm
Level 2  530pm-6pm
Level 3  7pm-730pm
Level 4  630pm-7pm

Thursday Sept 24th - Oct 29th  (DEADLINE FRIDAY SEPT 14TH)
Level 1  6pm-630pm
Level 2  630pm-7pm
Level 5/6 715pm-8pm  

All classes are subject to demand. Please indicate a second choice on the registration page. Once you have pre-paid your classes your will be contacted and class confirmation will follow after the deadline.

We, at Beachwood Swimming will do all we can to accomodate, however, for swimmer safety and student/teacher ratios, we need to enforce the Registration Deadlines. Thank you.